My name is Prianka, b.1992 London, I studied BSc in product design at Kingston University London and Msc in Marketing at Kings. After completing my studies I worked across the London design industry for 6 years on both national and international projects for various studios. This predominantly required meeting design briefs and facilitating the ideas of others which ultimately left me feeling dissatisfied. After reaching a saturation point I wanted a change from the fast paced consumerist lifestyle of the city. I shifted to Gujarat to stay with my grandparents and live a more holistic lifestyle by residing in a small ashram. This change inspired me to start my own studio where I primarily worked with wood to create homeware and furniture. Here I had full autonomy over my design approach. Over time, my material needs and lifestyle became simpler which reflected in my designs as they shifted towards being minimal and functional. Curious to learn new mediums, I came to Dharamkot Studio to study ceramics. No longer confined by the requirements of briefs and turnovers, I found joy in making just for the sake of making. Here I began to really start my journey as an artist.

Artist Statement: My multidisciplinary practice navigates the dualities of craft and design. I find inspiration in the intricate balance between the rigid lines of design and the essence of human touch.

“Thinking through making” is at the core of my creative process. I believe that art should not only be an end product of thought but a living manifestation of thought. As I give form to materials, I am constantly engaged in a dialogue between concept and creation, allowing the act of making to inform and enrich my ideas.

My work is characterised by soft, subtle forms that seem to emerge organically from the materials I use. I am drawn to the graceful proportions and gentle textures that evoke a sense of natural beauty. Through these forms, I seek to connect with the essence of the vernacular, finding inspiration in the immediate environment around me

While functionality has its place, I am compelled to move beyond the constraints of minimal functionality. While my art is a study of everyday objects, it is not just utilitarian; it is a reflection of the human spirit and a celebration of the ordinary. It invites viewers to explore the relationship between people, objects and the maker, to appreciate the beauty of subtlety and the power of the handmade.